Artsymama Interview !!

Here`s the much anticipated interview , ( for me anyway ! ) with Artsymama !

I started by asking her ...

What gives you the inspiration to create things , apart from reading other peoples blogs ?

I find inspiration all over the place. I really enjoy going to estate sales and get inspired by looking through other peoples old stuff. I also enjoy walking outdoors and find wonderful inspiration in nature. I'm always looking at the world around me and coming up with new ideas. I feel like the more I create the more ideas I come up with!

Do you get "artists block " at all ? And what do you do to overcome it ?
Sometimes I do. Many times after I "sleep on" something and come back fresh the next day, I have new ideas for it. I always trust the process. If I have a week that I'm not creating much, I'll go do other things like gardening, go for a walk, or take the kids swimming. I trust that after clearing my head, I will get back in the creating mode. It's a very organic process for me.

You`re a Buddhist now. Does it affect your creations , if at all ?

That's an interesting question. Yes, I do feel that it affects how I create. I am not attached to the outcome of my projects. I really create just for the sake of creating. That way whatever the outcome may be, it always feels authentic.

What would be your "perfect day" , if you could choose ANYTHING. And how would you spend it ? would take place in the hills of Tuscany. I would sleep as late as I could. Then sit around the house and eat breakfast rolls and do art. Then visit some local artists studios and shops. Walk into town for lunch and find a yummy deli for a sandwich and delicious dessert. In the afternooon I would take a walk with my kids somewhere really remote and beautiful and just take it all in. For dinner would be a big italian meal and wine. Maybe take in some local theater or music. Just running through that day in my head made me smile:)

What book are you reading at the moment ?

I just read Baby Love by Rebecca Walker. I read it in just a few sessions. She is such a thought provoking author. I'm reading Animal, Vegetable, Miracle by Barbara Kingsolver right now. I also always have a pile of home decorating books and magazines next to my bed. I constantly look to them for inspiration.

In an earlier blogpost , a wish of yours was to have a book published . what would the subject be ?

Something about living an authentic creative life. People always ask me how I "make" time for my art. My response is that I cannot imagine my life any other way. It is a part of my daily experience. I can't not express myself. I would probably call it, "How to be an Artsy Mama". hehe!

Have you created anything to sell on your Etsy shop , only to find you couldn`t part with it ! ?

Not yet. I love the joy that it brings to myself and others to send my stuff into the world. The feedback I get is priceless.

Any advice for people wanting to start creating things , or even doing a blog ?

Don't be afraid to put your art/crafts "out there" for the world to see. It doesn't have to be perfect. I try to post frequently. This really helps me to create much and often. I also love participating in swaps and round robin collaboratives. It helps me meet new people and it's very inspiring to see someone elses work in the flesh, actually hold it in your hand. I say, just do it!

What are your future plans ?

Creating, blogging, going to workshops, making new friends, new art...

How did you feel when you found out you were appearing in The Artful Blogging magazine ?
I was elated! My blog is a labor of love and it was so fun to hear that it's going to be in print. It's the very first time I've had my art published. I'm thrilled! It's such a wonderfully support art blog community, I can't wait to see the other blogs that will be featured.

Well , that`s it !
I tried to think of a few different questions for her , not the usual run of the mill ones , i hope !

A BIG THANK YOU goes out to Artsymama for taking part in this . And i hope you`ve enjoyed reading it ! Also for giving me the photo to put on here as well , as she looks right now !

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