Exclusive Jeanette Janson interview !!

Well , here`s the interview i did by email with Jeanette Janson , the Mixed Media artist !

Hopefully you`ll find abit more about her as i did .
I started off by asking .....
Can you tell me , what you did before you found your " niche " as a Mixed Media artist ?
I worked as an office manager . I have an accounting degree and did that for years.
I always did my art in my sparetime , but love the fact that i can do it full time now.
Have you a set routine for working , or is it a case of doing it when you get the feeling to be creative ?
I work on something almost everyday . I spend between 2 and 8 hours a day in my studio. i can usually work about 4 hours before i start feeling fatigued , then i take a break and try to recharge....change my enviroment and redirect my focus.
Do you get " artists block " at all , and if so , what do you do to overcome it ?
I have been very lucky lately, and have not had to deal with that. If i feel like something is not "working " , i will stick with it and keep trying new things until something clicks.
I feel very strongly about following my instincts and don`t mind putting in the time until something feels right.
What gives you the inspiration to make all your creations ?
Oh my gosh , everything !
I have so many ideas , sometimes i have to reel myself in and try to remain focused on one thing. Nature , colors , wonderful objects taht i find at flea markets , the list is endless !
On creating your assemblage artwork , do you have a certain thing in mind , or is it a case of looking at what you`ve acquired and going from there , for eg , the "Reflections " assemblage doll ?
I usually start looking through what i have , keeping in mind that i need the basic forms , body , maybe wings / arms , some kind of legs... as for the " Reflections " doll , i had that wonderful face printed on fabric and wanted to use it .It was so large , i had to put it on the body. I then tried to find a piece that would represent a head while not taking away from the face of the body.
Is there anything you have made , and can`t bear to part with ?
I have a large felt spirit doll that i made in a 2 day class that i want to keep. It was a fun class that i took while i was in Florida visiting my sister. I also have a few assemblages that have special places in my home .
You started your " blog " in October last year.
How do you find , if at all , the experience of " blogging " . Is it a means to just let people know what you`re doing or more of something for yourself ? A more cathartic experience ?
Blogging is fun , i have always enjoyed writing , my only complaint is that it takes time away from my artwork. I have met alot of great people through my blog and feel it is a wonderful means of communication.
Any advice for people out there wanting to start doing assemblage artwork ?
Check out estate sales , collectable shows , and auctions. Accumulate a reserve of things you can draw from. Relax and have fun , try to create your own style . Artists can be sensitive souls , do not be too harsh a critic on yourself , you do not want to stifle your creativity.
Is there anything you`re working on now , that you can tell us about ?
Birds and assemblage dolls seem to be my focus at the moment.
And what are your future plans ?
To continue my online sales and try to throw in a show or 2 a year.
Last question ... How`s the adorable Phoebe doing ?
We are falling more and more in love with her everyday :) She is becoming completely spoiled rotten .
Thank you Carolyn .
I`m hoping that was an informative read , as it took me a while to type it out !! I`m not the fastest one at that !
A BIG BIG THANKYOU !! To Jeanette , for taking time out of her creating , to answer my questions . And for sending the photo of herself for me to put on here .
I`m also waiting for Mixed Media jewellery lot from her in the post , winging it`s way to me now as i do this !! Especially hand picked by herself ! I can`t wait to have a look at what she`s chosen for me from her stash of goodies she`s got !! I`ll be posting a photo on here when i receive it !

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