Todays Notion ... Recycle ... Time to be a more thrifty crafter !

Here`s todays Notion challenge.

I got a charity bag posted , and i usually fill it with something , to get rid of my stuff , and make room for more ! Because i`d not been outside , only to the local shop for milk . I got thinking of recycling , and all the waste that goes to landfill sites , when some could be reused .

This is how this creation came about .
There`s some oddments of paper scraps , which normally i would`ve just thrown away , also the ribbon too ! There`s abottle cap , squashed down , a ring pull , piece cut from a plastic beaded necklace, a piece cut from a cork stopper from a bottle of wine , which would`ve got slung in the bin without thinking !
The fabric tag , bottom left . I found on the street ! someone had just thrown it , and not bothered to put it in the bin ! So i gingerly picked it up , as there were people around me ! The white spoon next to it is from a coffee i usually get on my way to work in a morning . Too cute to throw away , i thought ! ;o)
The wording , says recycle , which i wrote on mother of pearl discs , from an old necklace i had .
So i hope it gets you thinking at what you have , or find , and to make a good decision to recycle different objects and put it to better use !
Or as Artsymama`s post today said ...
" For as long as you want , leave everything empty . Soon you`ll see the whole world makes offerings ...


Amy P said...

What a great idea. We do "Waste" too much. This "trash" looks great as art!

ArtsyMama said...

I love how this turned out! Very cool:)