We had a sprinkling of snow yesterday -
so i decided to venture out this morning ,
as it was very foggy - to get some photo`s
from my local cemetry once again ..
Which gave the place more of a mystic eerie feel .

Trees through an old church archway ..

View down - one of the paths ..

Moss covered bird wreath head stone cross ...

A frozen grave

covered leaves starting to melt ..

View onto a playing field - with a dog walker
just in view in the distance .

Trees lining the playing field ..

And a lady walker - and her dog
kindly posing for me ;o)
One colour / one black and white shot

Many thanks - to Fudge - for happily
playing while i snapped away ! ;o)


Sherry said...

Everyone wants their 15 minutes of fame...even "Fudge"!! lol!!

Great shots, very the way you composed what you were looking for to create that eerie feel. Desolate. Haunting. I'm shivering now!

amy said...

I love these photos! You captured the mystery and beauty out there.

juls4real said...

I always enjoy your photos. Thanks for sharing. Please email me your address. I want to send you a perfume bottle. I'm moving and can't take everything. I know you like those.
xo, juls

Robin said...

Your pics are just beautiful. That archway looks just dreamy!

Lynn said...

Beautiful photography Carolyn, love the first two especially :)

Meggie said...

Stunning photos, Carolyn! We got 14" of snow overnight on top of the 8 inches already on the ground. I'm tired of shoveling!

Deborah said...

Fantastical, Carolyn! You are ever so good with your camera. I LoVe that erie shot down the lane. Your beautiful tag arrived this weekend, and I have yours made and will make a post of it and your spread the love and get it off in the mail to you this week. Got very tied up with WORK last week. BLA. Happy Monday, my friend.
**kisskiss** Deb

Tery said...

The snow is truly so pretty! Great pics.

PEA said...

Oh Carolyn, what fabulous pictures! I love the combination of fog and snow, especially in the cemetery, it makes it look that much more spooky:-) It's very rare for us here to have fog during the Winter months unless it's ice fog. Today we had a "high" of -8c (18F) so it's been too darn cold to snow! lol xoxo