Edward Cullen

Pencil / watercolour drawing - size approx 12 x 10 "

It`s no surprise to my regular readers - that i
would try my hand at drawing Robert Pattinson`s
Twilight character ! ;o) As i`ve been reading the books
and i needed a rest from my tired eyes ;o)
But not ever looking at him - of course !! LOL !!

This photo was what i worked from the past
couple of days ....

Here is my version ...

I`m still not quite happy with his lips -
and someone said he looked funny with
lipstick on !!! I said he always has red luscious
lips that stand out against his pale skin ..
And that his famous quiff hair should be darker , but i just
wanted to accent it a little - and in the book it`s
described as auburn coloured anyway ;o)

Here i`ve done a black and white photo ..

My favourite part of my drawing ..

Those eyes !! ....

Now i think , i can get back to my book !!


sherry ♥ lee said...

As ever, while I love all the things you put your hands to create, this is where your true talents lie my friend. Your artistic ability with drawing/sketching/illustrating is extraordinary. I do so hope that you will continue to pursue this. ♥

Deborah said...

OMGosh you are SO talented!!! This is amazing! How does hubby feel about your little obsession? Just wondering....teehee!

PEA said...

Swoonnnnnn...I really must take the time to sit down and watch Twilight since I've had the dvd for a few months already but forget to watch it! lol Then I'll know what all the fuss is about! hehe You did an excellent job with this drawing...again....swoooonnnnnnn:-) xoxo

Robin said...

Wonderful have the eyes perfectly!

♥ Noelle ♥ said...

very good!!!! yum!!! lol

Meggie said...

Fab sketches, Carolyn! Excellent subject, also.

Anonymous said...


Carolyn said...

Hello there anon ;o)
Who are you ... please :) ??