" Happy Birthday Carolyn !!

I`ll be there soon !! "

Thankyou David .. and i`m sure you will not

behave yourself today ... seen as though you`re no Angel !!


To my own private island beach blog party !!
And it is my 500th post ! Wow !! Did i ever think i could
post that many and keep it going too !!
Hope the flight wasn`t too long for you all ..
But here is our own private island for the weekend !

Whoo Hoo !!!

Here is where you`ll all be staying ...
Doesn`t it look beautiful ! ??

With views to die for like this ...

Here i am waiting to greet you all ;o)

Grab yourselves a rum coconut drink ...
And let`s get this celebration underway ...

I`d like to introduce my date ! ;o)
Boy have i been waiting for this day !! lol

Ian Somerhalder - from The Vampire Diaries
Mr sex on legs , with thee most gorgeous blue eyes
I have EVER seen !!

You may also notice that we do quick changes throughout the day too !!

Looking absolutely gorgoeus in the suit Ian , but that
won`t be on for too long !! lol ...

Ian " Hello Carolyn .. I have been busy getting ready
for your special birthday celebration ..
checking my teeth , so i can sink them into
you later !! "

( ooo ..... bite me now...... Ian !! ))

" Plant one here .... on these lips .. "

Caz thinks - as if he needs to ask me !! ?
Running on over to have a birthday smoochy babes !!

And for a cuddle .. don`t we look good together !! ;o)

here is my main swimsuit .. I hope you like it too Ian ! ;o)

Ooooo .. now where has he gone ! ??
I can see someone in the water ..
Let me go and have a closer look ..

OMG !! I have died and i am in heaven !!... lol
Knock me down with a feather ....
Just look at those abs .. and you`re all wet ....

Put it away boy for now . .. i`m having some of that later !! lol

anyway Ian .... enough of flaunting yourself !!
I`m drooling enough now , i don`t know about my guests !!

Look where we`re sleeping tonight hun !! ??

Aaawwhh , he`s giving me a cuddle now and whispering
naughty things in my ear ...

Oooo .. you naughty naughty boy Ian !!

........ Maybe later .... rofl .....

So then girls .. How about a dip in the waterslide pool ! ??

yeee hawww lets go !!

Oh damn !! this cozzie bottom keeps riding up
my behind !! ;o) he he ... ;o)

Let`s try scuba diving in the gorgeous warm clear water ..

Strike a pose ... he he !!

Look no hands !!

Phew .. just need a quick rest girls ..
But how about riding a horse on the beach !!

So .. now Ladies ;o)

You`re probably wondering who else has come ??
Let`s see who we spot as we ride down the beach front ...

Super .. Man .. Tom Welling ...
He can come and save me anytime !!
Gorgeous ! Sorry Ian !! lol

Paul Walker ... Hope he`s not
Too fast and furious !! lol ...

Jason Statham ...Cranking ..... up the heat up !!

Gerard Butler ... Loved him in 300 ...

Hugh Jackman ....

James Mcavoy -- looking a little tired already ..
He may need some help ... any offers girls !! ?

Bad boy Colin Farrell ..

And showing off ..... David Beckham !!

Time for a slow dance me thinks now ... ;o)
I`ve waited along time for this !!

Ready to go in again girls !! ??

On jet ski`s this time !!

Oh my .. how`s this happened !! ? lol
Well hello boys ... ;o) Fancy running into you here ..
Quick now .. let me put some clothes on and run
to my date ..
Otherwise he`ll be off !!

That`s better ... ;o) A picture to remember this
day .. along with some other of my guests ha ha !
bet you didn`t think i`d get a snap !! lol
Just a few to give you the idea !!

My friend Tracey ! ;o) Seems to be distracted ..
maybe by all the hunky men ! ?? you`re looking good in
the red swimsuit !! ;o)

OMG Rhonda !! You`re looking hot girl !!
No wonder you`re still with Brandon Flowers !!

Well . it is near the end of my birthday celebration ladies ;o)

Time for abit of relaxation now ...
and to top up that tan ...

While some of the men play a last game of
beach volleyball ..

So would you all like to join me in a drink ..

Cheers everyone and thank you so much for coming
helping me celebrate my birthday today ..
and reading this long post too !
And Hope fully it has given you a laugh !!

Enjoy the sunset on this piece of paradise ...

Please also say so in your comment , if you have done a post
to help me celebrate my birthday - and i will be over to see it -
I can`t wait to see what you have come up with this year ...

Thankyou all so much !! I had a wonderful time getting ready
for this day .......
I hope you all had a great time too !!



jasmoon-butterfly said...

Caz - birthday girl, I was cracking up all the way through - thank you for inviting us all to share your birthday beach party....Oh that pic was quite unexpected, yes I was most definately distracted!!
lol G was there too boy he gets around, stalking me already :0)
I wish!!
That bed looks like a mouth, great choice with Damon/Ian around :0)
OOOoo the horse riding reminded me of my stay in JA - I rode a horse bareback in the sea it was the most magical experience I felt...only thing to top it would be if G was riding with me...erm doesn't quite sound right pmsl...swiftly moving on...
Have the most magical day, hope your lunch out is fab, ask them for coconut just to keep the blog taste upon your lips!
Sweet daydreams my friend
Big hugs xxx

PEA said...

HAPPY BIRTHDAY DEAR CAROLYN!!! Now that's what I call a party! Ooooh boy, I'm drooling here and it's not for the food! lol You look fabulous, my dear, and that arm candy of yours doesn't look too bad either! hehe I just LOVE where were staying and that bed....hope Steve & I have one just like that in our room too:-) I think I'm going to lay on the beach and just watch all the hunks go by!! hehe Now where are my sunglasses....

My post is up! xoxoxo

Sherry said...

I'll take a dozen of those coconut drinks...just keep those "nuts" filled (!) and I'll be on a floaty raft in the pool....could it be any better than this?!?

Given that I just spent time this morning cleaning the snow off the car and then getting a work out with the shovel, I am MORE than read to dive in!!

As usual you have outdone yourself Carolyn. Wishing you a very happy and wonderful birthday!

Amy P said...

LMAO, Carolyn this is so great! I'm having a great time! All I can say is I'm sooooo glad I came solo without a date ;) check out my blog for my gifts to you ;)

Robin said...

Happy Birthday Carolyn!


Rhondamum said...

OMG! I can't stop laughing at that picture of me! I WISH! And you, getting your bottom spanked, you naughty girl! I love these parties! And that faceinhole site is awesome for us. We used the same pic for us with our boys. It's a creatively fun time. Thanks for having me Caz and sorry I arrived so late. Hope your birthday was fabulous! I noticed Edward wasn't there or John. He's old and fat now I guess, lol. Brandon sends his love and thanks and we will see you two love birds soon. Let's hook up at that castle we went to last year. Oh the memories..... xoxo R... Oh, I added some links to my post from some of our other parties!

Meggie said...

Happy Birthday, Carolyn! Kenny and I had a glorious time at your party. Just when I think you could not possibly outdo yourself from last year, you come up with the most extravagant location and festivites. You have set the bar quite high, my friend. I'm already excited about next year. Of course I posted about your party! I hope you all enjoyed Kenny's songs of serenade. Thanks again for a fabulous time!