First of all i would like to wish my readers ..
A Very Happy New year !!
May you all have love , peace , health and happiness
in the year to come ..
Also as you will see below
It`s my birthday next friday !!
Also it`ll be my 500th post !! wow !!
So keeping the tradition of a blog party ,
here are the details ..
Do a post on your blog , so i and others can comment on it ,
along with what outfit you would wear - get those bikini`s out ladies !!
accesories etc.
Your dream date , and what you would virtually gift me with !
That`s it , pretty simple .. Or if you`re still busy with the
holiday season , i hope you will pop by on the day and see what i
have instore for you all !!
Fun and some laughs along the way .

Thanks for popping by and if i do not post before my
birthday , then i will see you here !!


Meggie said...

Ah, a beach party! What is the attire? Are we still going formal or are we expected to wear beach clothes?

Rhondamum said...

Yeah baby! Can't wait to see these boys on the beach! Brandon better be gettin' his tan on! Is John coming or is he going to be a big baby again this year? xoxo

PEA said...

“Here’s to the bright New Year, and a fond farewell to the old; here’s to the things that are yet to come, and to the memories that we hold.”

Happy New Year, dear Carolyn! Wishing you and yours all the very best that 2011 has to offer.

Oooooh, you know I would never miss one of your birthday parties:-) Hmmmm, a bikini, eh? This should be fun! LOL I've got all kinds of ideas going around in my mind so need to start working on that post.

Looking forward to another wonderful year of friendship with you. Love you to bits!! xoxox