Scrapbook journal .. page size 5 x 3 "
I bought a book of study cards with a wirebounded edge
and decided to use it and make a small scrap journal ,
all those small pieces and scraps i cannot bear to throw ,
you know the feeling , if you`re a serious crafter / hoarder ;o)
It will be an ongoing project , and below are some of the pages
that i`ve done .. I will be going through them again to add
any text or drawings to each page at a later date ..

Many thanks to those who have given me support
on the news of my father in law`s cancer ..
At the moment , he is awaiting on an appointment to
go see about having chemo , which we think will
be sometime in the new year ...
Otherwise , he is doing well ;o)


Robin said...

Glad to hear your FIL is doing well and will start treatment soon. I absolutely love your journal pages and what a great idea for using up those scraps that I too can't bear to toss!! Hope you have a wonderful holiday season Carolyn!


amy said...

Hope he will continue to be ok. I love your project, it's a great idea rather than throwing things into a box! Which is usually what I do.