Wooden Bird House
Size 6 x 7 cm

Sorry i have been absent once again , for the past 3 weeks
we have been decorating and you may know that
if you follow me on facebook ;o) Now we`re doing the back room !
I did manage some creative time , but not much ,
as our stuff is all over the house including
my studio which is already full to bursting !
A wooden house shape altered with vintage wallpaper
inked edges , a bird stamp , scrap of lace and an egg shape pearl
from an inner of an old earring . Which can be hung , as it
has a hole in the back ..

Here`s just a few pics of our front room decorating ;o)
Cube storage unit ..
dark wood blinds ..

And just one wall with new wallpaper which was a
real pain to cut around that fireplace i can tell you !!

Thanks for popping by .. and i hope everyone is well ! ;o)


amy said...

Looks great! I like the wallpaper too and I think you will be happy with it for a long time.

Robin said...

What a cute birdhouse! You have been busy....but the results are amazing! Have a great weekend.


PEA said...


The night is dark
and the goblins are out,
and the witches and black cats
are prowling about.

And costumed creatures
the strangest I've seen,
are knocking on doors
'cause tonight's Halloween!

Happy Halloween dear Carolyn:-)

I love your little birdhouse, it's adorable!! I gasped when I saw your white fireplace, I've been looking for one very similar to that...can I have yours???? hehe Isn't it fun renovating...well I mean the work isn't fun but oh how lovely it feels when everything is "new" again. My living room is still an ongoing project but it's slowly coming along. The crown moulding is being put up this evening while I sit outside giving out the treats to the little trick or treaters:-) xoxo

jasmoon-butterfly said...

You have done a great job!
Looks nice 'n' cozy :0)
So when am I coming round for a cuppa hee hee
Big hugs lovely Caz oxoxox