Not Quite there Yet ....

Falling leaves and a change in the winds ..

Autumn is not quite here ..

A single flower ....

And rabbits enjoying the late evening
grass . I was captivated by these - so many
- so near and tame enough to film and
photograph while we watched them .

Enjoy your last days of summer !


Sherry said...

I look at these crinkly leaves and look outside and see the same thing on my maple is still hanging on to most of her leaves and will do for a few more weeks. The red maple is a little later at "shedding" than the green maple. Weather is beginning to cool here now so it's sweater time for enjoy these days too!

PEA said...

Omigosh, look at all those bunnies! How delightful! I can well imagine how fun it is to watch them play. Great little video! We had a very heavy frost this morning, everything was white. Today it only went up to 9 celcius and by Thursday they're forecasting rain and snow...UGH! xoxo