Boxed Memories ....

I bought the above faded box - this week
on my thrift hunting - which i love doing .
I got it - pretty cheap - with the contents
included - which to me - was a pittance for
something which was owned and treasured
by a lady called Barbara . Memories placed into
an 8 " x 5 " box - for someone else to discard
them and have no interest in a past family member .
This saddened me somewhat - but now i have
these and the memories will continue it`s journey .

Inside were gifted cards of Christmas and birthday
celebrations - which she chose to keep -
some dates are from 1936 .

Just a selection of the 30 cards inside .
Is this all that she had kept ? ?
And was this all of her life`s memories - just fitting
inside such a small box ? Do you judge how big the
box and what contents are inside ? ?
How big would my box be ???
These we all going through my mind .

What tugged at my heart strings -
was the below handmade card -
From a gentleman friend called Jimmy .

It reads ....

Though my greetings i send on brown paper
My wishes are hearty and true .
And no costly card e`er brought warmer regard
Than my simple card brings to you .

Something made this simple -

for a dear friend - would certainly have

touched her - like it did me .

Thankyou Barbara ....


Rhondamum said...

What a wonderful box of beauty. You struck gold. I understand your sad thoughts. I feel that way when I see old photos in antique stores. I treasure my families photos so much and hope they never end up in the hands of others. Thanks for sharing this amazing gem you found, I LOVE the box!


Sherry said...

Woweee...I love this fresh new look -- beautiful new decor girlfriend!!!

As for the box -- doesn't it just tug at you -- when you think of what these memories meant to someone else? True enough -- how big would a memory box we had be and what would we choose to put it in. Good question!!

PEA said...

Ooooh what a treasure you found there! It warms my heart that it's YOU who ended up with this box full of memories..I'm sure Barbara would be glad:-) xoxo

Meggie said...

Your new box is quite a treasure, Carolyn! I like to imagine what the owner may have looked like and what her relationship with Jimmy may have been.

x vInTaGe VioLeT x said...

well it's a good job it was you who bought it to cherish and enjoy.
maybe Barbara had no family left?
it is sad.