A Gift ....

is up and running !! If you have not taken a look
please do - it explains in words - better than i can
explain - the reasons and her items for sale
to raise funds for Breast Cancer Research .
Having seen it yesterday - i took the
opportunity to create a banner for her -
as Sherry herself had stated - she had forgotten
about having one done .

Just another way for me to help
all those out there . If i could give you a
hug Sherry - i would do ... Good luck in
raising all the money you can .....
My friend - I love you !!


Sherry said...

I love you more!!! ;)
You always think of the right thing at the right moment Carolyn. It's been such a blessing having met you through blog land...almost as good as if you lived down the block ♥

Meggie said...

Such a wonderful cause! Hope you are having a good weekend, dear Carolyn.