I have been busy doing many things -
apart from blogging recently . Trying to sort
my craft room - as it is a MESS - things all over
and i needed some organization of items
in the same place . I cannot go on like this -
this is what i am doing . This is taking time -
and no real creative time for me - when i NEED
to finish an altered book tutorial - or they will
think i have forgotten ! Finish challenge ideas -
as i have guilt over not completing them - when i
set those ! Along with general life getting in the way -
and my other half and I playing musical chairs
to use the computer - when i wish i had a laptop !!
When he has booked a few days off work -
and i cannot share it with him !
Besides all of that going on - amoungst the chaos -
I have made a felt flower - For breast cancer month .
All money will go to breast cancer research .
It is 3" wide - and priced $ 7.25 - incl P&P .
A pin could be added - to make a brooch -
and i will include a couple of my hand felted
leaves to add if you wish !
Please let me know - if anyone is interested in this !

I WILL be visiting you all soon !!


Sherry said...

Absolutely amazing work Carolyn!! It's gorgeous!

And I hear you with so many pans in the fire -- I'm the same way. Add that I'm now coming down with a cold and I feel "punk" it's just slowing me down!

PEA said...

What a beautiful felt flower, dear Carolyn, I'm always in awe of your craft work:-) I remember when my sons were still living at home and we only had one computer...talk about arguments of who was going to use the computer! lol I don't think I could share mine now, it would drive me crazy! hehe Good luck with sorting out your craft room....I've just finished sorting out my room and oh boy, the stuff that I got rid of but how lovely it feels to have everything in its place. xoxo

Meggie said...

Take a deep breath, sweet friend! Slow down and take some time for yourself. We will understand if you don't get around to blogging for awhile. The pink felt flower is lovely, Carolyn. Such a wonderful idea for Breast Cancer Awareness Month.