"Pearl " - The Bird ....

A new addition to my nest -


Sat proudly on her cage ...

With the palest pink pearl necklace
and a crystal for her eye ...

Made from new/ vintage fabric .
and a ricrac edged tail ...

Made for Breast cancer month .

Have a great weekend everyone !

We have a " do " to attend this weekend .
A longtime service award - for my partner .
Free meal and hotel in
Stratford -upon -Avon - and no doubt visit
somewhere on our way home sunday !

See you all next week !



Sherry said...

Pearl is absolutely beautiful...and made with love.

Have a lovely weekend and a great meal ~ sounds like a lovely way to spend your time.

Miss Sandy said...

Pearl is precious!

Lynn said...

She is soooooo sweet :)

juls4real said...

Love this bird house. I keep collecting them myself. But the color on this beauty is so punch and perfect. I saw that bird did an excellent job!