Oceans Blue ...

A mixed media collage -

" A Tear In The Open "

7" x5 " flat canvas .

Made using faux pearl seed beads ..
pieces from a fancy lace knitted scarf ..

using an acetate sheet - with alcohol inks

Mother of pearl button and various

The fragility of our oceans -
and the way we pollute it -
can have a devastating effect .

More details on how i made this effect
is on my other tutorial blog

And today is the lauch of

The Shop For the Cure .

Please - if you have time -

visit SHERRY

Who is the person behind creating

this campaign - to raise more

awareness and funds for breast cancer research .

All the details will be there for you to read .

Handmade items are available for purchasing -

and all proceeds go to this cause .

October is the month of breast cancer

awareness worldwide ......

so if you can give something back -

so many people have been affected by this

disease in many ways - your help is so much

appreciated for those who are diagnosed and

those who will be in the near future ...


Sherry said...

Your collage is mystical, captivating and serene...the ocean is serene to me at times (though it can be violent) and we have created such a mess in the world that it is upsetting the balance of everything, including our oceans.

Thank you so much Carolyn for speaking about Shop for the Cure and for discussing breast cancer awareness. Your support and your contribution to this cause fills my heart.

Sanja said...

love the colors!beautiful work as always!!:0)