Another Obsession ..

Over recent weeks , i have purchased more
and more vintage linens , crocheted items ,
hankies - you name it - i`ve added to my
collection ! Do i NEED to add any more ??
I already collect buttons , and fabrics ,
but when i find any - i cannot resist buying them,
incase i cannot find any more like them.

The work that goes into creating them amazes me ,
the time and effort taken , only to be discarded
by those who do not like them , or
appreciate their worth .

I have done a slide show of my recent finds
for all you lovers of all things vintage !!
but it`s on the post above -
- as blogger wasn`t playing
and wouldn`t do it on this one !!

These two framed sewed linens , i thought , needed
to be shown on their own .
A woman in her garden , holding her hand out ,
with a little bluebird on !

Aren`t they so Cute !! ??

The flower details and dress are still vibrant as the

day it was done . Done in several stitching designs .

Even though the back is a little tatty it has not been

opened since it was put in .

And i thought of the woman who sewed this ,

the time and love it took , and for me to find it

and carry on with treasuring it .

Bluebirds on a branches and flowers .

This is not as intricate as the other one ,

and not done by the same person .

I bought it elsewhere , but another purchase i

could not say no to !

All too often , items are given away , or sold

because they have no need for them .

But i feel lucky to have come across these -

to give them a new home !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Carolyn, this is beautiful and the work involved is quality, no question. Pieces like this take a great deal of time and attention, but you can see the amount of love that was put forth as well. You're like me -- I always wonder about the person who made something...who they were, what their life was.

amy said...

Very pretty! And I know I could turn down one if I saw it for sale somewhere (well unless it was really expensive). Someone made that with their own hands and it should be appreciated and taken care of you know?

Meggie said...

I LOVE the slide show, Carolyn! You are so right about such sad to know they have been discarded when someone took such time and patience to make something so beautiful. Your collection is lovely!

The Rose Cottage said...

I love to collect vintage linens too Carolyn and especially with embroidery work. I must say I am in LOVE with these :)
I used to embroider and cross stitch to I really, really appreciate the work someone put into these works of art, thanks for sharing them :)