Dynamite !!

The past couple of evenings , i have been
making these necklaces . My other half
said they looked like sticks of dynamite
exploding !! LOL
So that`s what i am going to call them !
Dynamite Necklaces
Black /White/Grey Necklace
Handmade fabric beads , with thin wire and beads wrapped
around , fibres with irredescent spacer beads ,
on a leather thong .

Pink Fluffy Dynamite Necklace
The same styled beads with pink fibres and faceted spacer
beads on a chenille thong
Brights Dynamite necklace
same fabric beads , fibres , and wooden
bead spacers , on a pale lilac faux suede
thong .

It`s a great way to use any fabric scraps you have ,
and beads , as i`m not really into beading as such -
But i loved making these for a change from what
i normally do !


Sherry/Cherie said...

Very cool Carolyn...very dyn-o-mite!!

Rhondamum said...


Mary Ann said...

Very interesting. I like the last one best but they're all cool.

Amy P said...

Had a minute to pop in and say hi! It's been way too long since I've visited! LOVE the new necklaces you've been making. Take care now!