Digital Collage sheet ..

I have just created my first digital
collage sheet to purchase from my shop

They are postcards which i have collected
and want to share with you . It will be emailed to you
in J-peg format as soon as payment has been received .
For use in your own creations only !
And i`m having a destash of my ever increasing
supplies - including some of my vintage button finds !
Coming soon !!

And the rain has not come here yet -
It`s sunny outside now !
Or maybe i`ve spoken too soon !!


Sherry/Cherie said...

Hope the sun continues to shine on your bank holiday weekend!!

I wondered when you'd finally be doing digital collage sheets!!! Hee!!! I'm glad you are!!

Onedia Hayes Sylvest said...

Hello, What are you reading. You have been tagged.

see Fiery Heart, Agile Mind, Nimble Fingers


Hello, found you from Mary Ann's Desperately Seeking Serenity. Have been by before from one of my other blogs. Fiery Heart is my art oriented blog and I do general stuff from there. Onedia in th Ozarks is the main one.