And the Winners Are .....

I know i`m a little later than usual
posting my time today ;o)

But - here are the results from my
Take Your Pick 250th post !!

Special guest - Animal -
for the drum roll please !!! LOL

My mum would have called me .....


And the first 2 comments that guessed it

right were ...

Sherry !

One of thee luckiest people i know !! ;o)

And a new person i have met

Lilith Silvermane !

Who has 6 children , and is single at the

moment !! I take my hat of to you ! If you

could get in touch with me - then i can post

your winnings of to you !


There were others that guessed it right too ,
so sorry - you nearly won ! But thank you to all
who did enter my giveaway , circumstances prevent
me from giving more away at this time .
And no doubt - i`ll be having another one soon and
please pop by again and have another chance to win !


Renee said...

Hey Carolyn!Long time no hear,huh?Unfortunately nothing is new here,which is really saddening b/c I don't know what life has in store for us so I just don't feel like doing anything.Anyways,just wanted to come by & say hi...blogging isn't as exciting as it used to be for me,although when things do change,I do want to get back into blogging b/c I do like it.I read you got a job-CONGRATULATIONS!Well,must go for now.Just wanted to let you know you are always a friend I will never forget. :)Renee

Lilith Silvermane said...

YAY.. I won a surprise! I LOVE surprises!

Oh.. and a new friend, that's the best :)

Oh, and I need to rub Sherry's belly like a troll doll... she does have amazing luck!

Sherry/Cherie said...

rofl...I'm busting myself here laughing at Likith's comment!! I'm not sure I'm that lucky, and it's the first time anyone has (a) ever wanted to publicly rub my belly and (b) compared me to a troll doll!!! lol!!! Lilith, that's THE best and thanks for the laugh of the day!! ;)

Carolyn...you old Jonathon you!!! I've no idea why I chose that other than what I said in my original post -- it just seemed "you" somehow!!!

Anyone who wants to rub my belly it will be a 5 cent charge!! Hahahahaha!!

Sherry/Cherie said...

and I should have coffee before I start typing Lilith!!! ♥

Amy P said...

I just realized I never left a word of thanks for the awards! I came to visit and got lost in your posts and forgot to thank you! How rude of me :) Anyway, TY! And I've finally decided who I will pass them on to, such a tough decision :)

The Rose Cottage said...

Sherry, you won another giveaway, woo hoo, congratulations girl :) And also to Lilith!