Challenging Watercolours ....

As part of the Fun Friday Challenge on
Etsy Cottage Style , select choices are made
each week , to create something .

Just to let you know - i am still creating things ;o)
And last week`s choice was windows .

I decided to challenge myself more , and use
watercolours - which i have no real experience with .
I made my window using a painted bamboo cane ,
beads - so it looked like a curtain pole . Sewed a pair of
country style curtains , surrounded with wallpaper .

I then painted my scene , as if i were looking out of the
window , onto rolling hills and countryside at dusk time .
And in the foreground is a glimpse of my walled garden
with various flower bushes .

At first , i found it relaxing , but as it progressed ,

it became a " pain " , and i wanted to scrap it !!

Probably because it was from my imagination ,

and i was not actually sat at that scene doing it .

But now - i am glad i persevered with it ,

and i am happy with my finished piece ! !


Sherry/Cherie said...

Like so much in life -- an idea sounds wonderful, we are excited when we first begin but as we struggle on or see that what our "idea" was is not being communicated as we wanted, it becomes "a chore". So I'm glad that you stayed with it because as you see, it's lovely and you stopped wanting what you wanted and let your muse do the work!!! Sometimes it's just best to step back and see where something is going to go!

amy said...

It turned out lovely! I think it's just different when it comes from your imagination (which I often use as an excuse for weird colors!) Excellent job!

Meggie said...

The final product looks quite lovely, Carolyn. I'm glad you didn't scrap it. You always have such creative ideas!

Rhondamum said...

Isn't that often the case, we get frustrated, want to trash it, and then it turns into one of our favorite things. Love your work and love your new banner too! Hope all is well friend!