Changing And Growing .....

It seems there is still out there in
blogland , many people who want to change
something in their creative lives , and do
not know what or how to go about it .
I too , am one of them ...

I struggle with all my ideas floating around ,
and most are written down , otherwise i
would forget them ! Needless to say .. Some will not get done -

I know myself ..

Whether you want to find a " niche " of something
that has not being done - and i have mulled this
over and over , and not come up with anything
"new " yet - It is hard ! ... Someone has thought of it
already , when you thought you had a great idea !!
Artists are their own worst critics , myself included .
From having an idea in your mind , to actually doing it,
it can turn out so different in how you imagined it . Then
creating an item , and it changing it`s form in the process .
Sometimes this just happens , and it is a good thing !
So .... what do you do next ???

Go with the flow ? Or carry on regardless ,
knowing inside yourself that you will be unhappy ?
Sherry mentioned this on her blog
that is why i have written this ...

It`s maybe a time to step back and think what I
really want to do , in my own style of creating ,
embrace the changes , and see what i come up with next .
I do not have the answer for anyone out there ..
It could be deep inside you .. waiting to come out..
It`s just finding the push and going for it !!
If you do not agree with it , bin it , and start again .
Do not be hard on yourself for not getting it right .
There is no right or wrong way in art , it is your
interpretation that counts and speaks to you .

Whether it speaks to anyone else - is an added bonus .

If you did not give it a try - where would we and
everyone else be in life ??

On a more lighter note ;o)

Here is a pot of some oregano seeds i planted
2 weeks ago ! I was thrilled to see , seedlings appear
over the past few days - something as tiny as a seed
growing and changing ....

And my first chilli plant , gifted from a neighbour ,

now 7 inches tall and the first signs of chillis appearing !!

The little bell shape just underneath the leaves !!

And lastly .....

Another altered library pocket ...


amy said...

I think this is very true that we all want to change. There's new growth around too so we need to grow as well right? :) Your plant seems happy and healthy!

Sherry/Cherie said...

Firstly, yes, friendships are discovered rather than made -- so glad we discovered each other!!

And look at your seedlings starting to grow -- is this not representative of what "change" is all about?

I think we're on the right track here Carolyn...there is so much out there that we follow/copy/emulate or have thought of ourselves and then see someone else has done it too!!

I think we just allow our "muse" to lead us and we follow our hearts and find the sense of satisfaction that comes from saying "I love this". Chances are good that someone else will too!!

And your pockets are adorable!!!!

Sandra Evertson said...

Beautiful page! And How wonderful about your chilie plants, I love to watch little seeds grow!
Sandra Evertson