Childhood Games ...

At the weekend , i spent some time in
our garden - tidying up and cutting the grass .
I came across a small batch of buttercups ,
that my other half was going to " weed out " ,
so i took a photograph .

Then i remembered the games i played ,
hop scotch , kiss chase ;o) and skipping ,
and daisy chains !

So i thought it would be cool to make my own
buttercup chain - as we had no daisies .

And i remembered what we did with the buttercup -
you put it underneath your chin , and if it
glowed yellow - you loved butter ! ;o)

So here i am with mine ...

The story of this photo is ..

M : Don`t put it so close to your chins !!

ME : Huh !!

So i have done this photo small , and
although you love them most of the time -
Don`t you feel like giving them a slap now and then !! ?

I would love to hear anymore childhood games

that you did like me .


Sherry/Cherie said...

My chins and I aren't on speaking terms! It's those nasty "old lady" hairs that do me in!!!! I feel like I'm carrying tweezers in my hand all the time!!! the buttercups -- I used to do that with them under my (one) chin when I was a kid too -- and dandelions as well.

I think I did all the ones you mentioned -- we also played "jumpsy" where you tied a bunch of elastic bands together (the thin ones) and made a long rope and then it was like doing "long jump" in track and field where had to jump each height, but if any part of you touched the elastic, you were out and had to hold the rope. I did a lot of rope holding now that I think of it....

Sherry/Cherie said...

Checking in this morning and what do I find?! Another beautiful banner!!! B.e.a.u.t.i.f.u.l!!!!

Have you checked Esprit? Have you gone to the AVP site and entered the giveaway for my tags and seen the interview below it?!? Get thee to the giveaway!!! ;)

The Rose Cottage said...

LMBO@ Sherry and her chin hairs, I have the same problem, must be our age range.
It is so lovely to see buttercups again, I haven't seen any in years and years, and since I grew up in England well of course i did the same things you did. I loved making daisy chains, how sweet of you to share :)