Teacup Garden ...

Another week , another challenge .....

On Etsy Cottage ....

Here is my garden piece ...

I had bought these printed net doilys from a local
charity shop . They are meant to be used for floristry work ,
but me being the forward thinker of - yes i can do
something with these - i had to buy them !
The inner part, goes inwards , to form a little well ,
and it is reinforced with plastic , and they were
made in France .

I created my own little garden inside one of these ,

and realised it would "sit " inside a teacup !

Hence the name .

Items used are :

Vintage crochet doily and leaf , button that looks
like an egg , fabric roses and sprigs , a tiny bird ,
wire butterflies , and a cone from a walk i picked up ...

Nothing is stuck down - as of yet ...

so i can rearrange it - if i wish to do so at a

later time !


Sherry/Cherie said...

It's just so pretty -- birds and butterflies - oh my!! It's perfect for this tea cup!!

Meggie said...

You are such a creative gal, Carolyn! These are priceless....quite darling!

The Rose Cottage said...

This is just beautiful , I love old teacups so it makes it even more beautiful :)
Hey, we should have a tea cup challenge, see what we all come up with using an old teacup as a piece of art.