My First Bag !!

Here is my bag that i have been
working on the past couple of evenings .

It is made from a grey felted material ,
and is 17" x 16 " .

It is a large shopper type bag , as i had no pattern
to use , and it is my first attempt at making
myself one !! There are also side panels sewn
into it - so i can get more goodies in of course !!

I wanted something unique for myself ,
to take away on my holiday next weekend .
I decided to use crochet doilies , ric rac and
vintage buttons . Along with felted leaves
which i made myself , from an old jumper .

I hand sewed pink blue and green
sequins on some of the doilies and ric
rac / lace . Mother of pearl and a gold
domed vintage buttons ..

I am quite proud of my first bag - and
cannot wait to use this - as long as it
does not rain while we`re away !

And here is a peak at a couple of
new items , which will be added to
my shop after the holiday ...

A fimo cupcake pendant ...

And a doughnut pendant ! Yum Yum !!

And finally ...

I would like to wish all my Canadian readers

A Happy Canadian Day Holiday !!

Have a wonderful long weekend !!


Rhondamum said...

Oh my goodness! I am VERY impressed! I absolutely ADORE the bag you made. Well done, I wish I could make something like that. Too talented!

I hope you are having a wonderful weekend!



Sherry/Cherie said...

Carolyn...this bag??? It's fantastic!!! You've done it again -- taken something you've never done and come up with this -- with no pattern!!! ^5!!! That's so beautiful (I loved the bit that you hope it doesn't rain -- I'll keep fingers crossed -- we don't want anything to touch this bag!).

And thank you for the wishes for Canada Day -- tomorrow is the Day -- DDay I still call it (it used to be called Dominion Day! When we were the Dominion of Canada before they abolished the BNA Act (British North America Act)which "freed" us from Britain!! So July 1st is our big holiday here and many people have today off as well since it falls on a Tuesday.

Love the beaver waving his flag!!! ;)

Sherry/Cherie said...

This is bizarre!!! I did that message this morning and blogger "ate" it -- I tried again and it ate that too. I just came back to try again and see the first one is up. What up with that? (as my kids would say!!)...strange, very strange!!