A Fun Tag ....

It`s the beginning of a new month -
July already ! Can you believe it really ! ?

We have not had much of a summer season here ,
which is disappointing to me , so far . The longest day
has been and gone , and times sat outside in
my garden have been limited , to say the least !
Let`s hope we have a better sunshine month ahead
of us all !

I have been tagged again , by my friend

It`s a fun tag for me .. so here goes ....

What was i doing 10 years ago ?

I was getting accustomed to living on my own ,
after my divorce , and didn`t feel " free" , until
months later it dawned on me that i was . Then i met a
new partner -who was 13 years younger than me !!

5 things on my to do list ...

Cleaning around the home - especially my craft room !
Ideas for new crafty items .
Plan a few meals in advance .
What i am taking on my holiday .
Write even more items to my never ending to do list !

The snacks i enjoy are ...

Cadbury`s dairy milk chocolate , Walkers cheese and

onion crisps , polo mints .

The things i would do i were a millionaire ..

Pay my families mortgages off , and give them
spending money too .

Visit all my blog friends - and take them on a no holds barred
shopping spree !

Find myself a big old house , with a separate workshop , to
host events and display artwork .

Open an animal sanctuary , and donate to my
worthy causes .

Places i have lived ...

In various houses , in towns inside
West Yorkshire - UK .

Thank you to Rhonda for tagging me !

This was fun to do , and did not take that
much thinking about !
I am starting to wind down my crafty makes ,
as i am away on holiday - from this next weekend .
However , i do have some finds and buys
to show before i am away from you all !


Sherry/Cherie said...

Hey, as one of your blogging friends, I really hope you win a million dollars!!! lol!!!

Seriously...great things to know about you...as always!

The countdown is on to the vacca -- and I know you will have so much fun...especially with the crafty new bag...I'll wager at least one person asks where you got it!!!

Rhondamum said...

Oh thank you for participating Caz! I always love learning more about you, you cradle robber you! LOL!

I just did a post about my lovely new scarf! Go check it out!

Have a fabulous holiday if I don't speak to you before!