Bird Delights ....

Just a few more photo`s of our time away ..
Kirby Hall - visited on our way home ..
Part of it is in ruins , while English Heritage
are restoring rooms and conserving what they can
for visitors to see . It is an Elizabethan mansion -
with restored gardens from the 1600`s .

A pea hen - admiring herself ???

One of many names etched on the stones ....

Part of the ruined inner court ....

A restored ceiling ....

Myself - sat in a big bay window ..

Now what am i thinking ?

The view out ......

The wallpaper and fireplace in the room .

There were also 2 peacocks roaming freely
about the grounds , along with the female .
People did not bother them , and they seemed
just to get on with their daily routine , and coming up
very close to you - to see if you had any food .

The colours were a treat to see so close up -
I may have got done for bird cruelty - as i
really wanted to pluck one of his feathers !! ;o)
The bird was unharmed by the way !!
Seeing these gracious birds - was the highlight
of my visit here ....

And we sat on a bench viewing the garden ,

and the birds came - just to be nosey !

I managed to get a short video of them !

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!


The Rose Cottage said...

Amazing place to visit, and I just love that room with the mantel and wallpaper still there.
I think you are sitting on the window seat dreaming of your true love, and just waiting for the day he will return to you! tee hee

Sherry said...

What were you thinking as you daydramed out that window?!?!?

These are as always beautiful photographs and there is something about peacocks that is so amazing -- we have them at the Toronto Zoo and they are quite bold there as well, walking up to you to see if they can pinch food!!

Meggie said...

The mansion is gorgeous, but I think I enjoyed seeing the birds just as much. It isn't fair that the males are so pretty. They do make a handsome pair, though.

Rhondamum said...

Do you think you would get in trouble if you tried to "nick" the wallpaper? So pretty! Always love your photos.

I know exactly WHO you were thinking about, and I already told you, he's mine!



miss magpie-pixie said...

Ok girls -
I was thinking ....
what would it have been like to live here many years ago , admire all the decor and see it in all it`s original glory ...