Sweet Treats ....

Just checking in here , as we`re
finally having some glorious weather !

Spending time outside - rather than on here ...

I have been busy doing so many things ,
a shop update coming soon , and trying some new
digital collage sheets - some which are time consuming !

But in between all that -

I`ve been cooking again !

My first baked egg custard !
Which lasted nearly 2 days !!

A quick rundown of the receipe ...

Bake blind shortcrust pastry in an 8" dish - 150 c for 20 mins .
Mix together an ounce of sugar and 4 eggs , then whisk in
3/4 pint milk . Pour in dish , then sprinkle with nutmeg .
bake at 140 c for approx 25 minutes - or until
the center is just a little wobbly !

Then enjoy !!

And a fimo icecream cone pendant .....


amy said...

I have been wanting to make an egg custard or custard pie but I am scared I won't like it. Your's looks good though so I may try! :)

Sherry said...

An ice cream cone and an egg're making me hungry!!!

Meggie said...

Too bad I don't live closer. A spot of tea and custard would go so well together. I'm sure we would have lots to chat about...and laugh about.

The Rose Cottage said...

It looks very good Carolyn and I am sure it is, but I don't eat eggs, havn't had one in 24 years since my baby was born, they just turn my stomach ever since. Weird I know.
Hubby makes Creme Brule (not sure if that spelling is right), and he uses a blow torch to caramel the sugar on top. Everyone loves it but I won't even touch it.