Going Away And Keeping My Mind Wide Open .....

My bags are packed , and i`m ready to go !

Well ... Almost !!

I will be away from 6th - 11th July .

We are heading " down south " as we say .
To Oxford , and Bath region , both of these have
wonderful architecture , museums , castles
and Blenheim Palace .

So i will be sure to take lots of photographs for you !!

It is just a few days away , but i am ready
for this . A change of scenery , recharge my
mind and body , and away from my computer !
Sometimes i feel tied to it !!
So a break is welcomed .

This is the banner of Gail Schmidt`s new

inspirational blog - Mind Wide Open -

The multi talented Gail has started a new inspiring blog .

Along with teaching how too`s for anyone needing help

and sometimes a much needed "push " to try

something new . And as the title suggests -
keep your mind wide open - to all
and any possibilties .

Every month , Gail is doing a creative challenge .
Where she chooses a subject / photo etc -
and asks for our interpretation of it .
Anyone can join in this - to get your muse going -
Having a week to complete it , you email a scan or photo ,
of which Gail will do a post and show all the artists entered .
You have a chance to vote for your favourite
contribution , of which the " winner " , with the most
votes , wins a prize . Set by Gail herself - A
$20 to spend in her shop !

You can vote from july 8th .

I wanted to take part in the first challenge ,
before i go away , and mine is below ...

The digital picture Gail provided us with ,
and the word " Remembrance "

" Emily Rose "

An 8 " squared canvas - with vintage music and rose

paper background - bronze tulle material overlay .

Vintage lace , buttons , pearly pin .

With printed words done by myself ,

and i named her Emily Rose ...

This will be amoungst my new items

in my shop - once i get back ....

So ... I am asking any of my readers to

vote for my piece please - if you wish to do so !

Of course i will not be offended if you wish to vote

for another artist . It is the taking part in this that i

feel that i need . To grow and challenge myself ,

to see what i can do , and things that i didn`t imagine i could do .

Have a wonderful week ahead everyone -

I will catch up with you all soon !!

I will schedule a reminder on here

Thankyou !!



Sherry said...

Have a fabulous vacation and keeping fingers crossed for good weather as you are away!

Love your Emily Rose -- the words you've chosen are romantically sentimental and the choice of embellishments work perfectly with the image. She's beautiful!

PEA said...

Your Emily Rose takes my breath away...what a beautiful piece of art you've created. You've got my vote!!! Have a fun and safe holiday...I wish I could go with you to visit the castles, how I love those:-) xoxo

Rhondamum said...

Have a wonderful holiday Carolyn! You have earned it. John and I will miss you loads! I can't wait to see your photos, they are always so beautiful!

You have my vote for sure! I LOVE your Emily Rose piece. Each item is placed perfectly. Well done friend!

Stay safe and God bless!