Stone Circles ......

I hope everyone had a great weekend ??
I did not post myself , as i have been busy creating ,
and yesterday we were out in the warm weather
to see another castle !!

But here at last is our trips to see stone cirlces ....
Avebury Stone Circle .. and village ...
in Wiltshire .....

Dovecote and pond ...

And Avebury Manor house and gardens -
Which we arrived late afternoon too late
to view !! I was a little disappointed !!
But it is a 16th century privately owned house..

Aerial view of the small village and stones ...

The stone circle and henge that surrounds the village of Avebury, is only one in a series of monuments concentrated in this small area. The site is a remnant of a ritual Neolithic landscape, which still survives although degraded with time and the actions of over zealous groups in past centuries. What remains of the circle now is only a small proportion of what must have been an awe-inspiring place when it was in use over 4000 years ago.Associated with pagan devil worship , many stones have been buried or broken ....

A sheep , oblivious to tourists !!
And i loved his curly bits of fleece on
top of his head !!

Just to show how large some of the stones
actually are for comparison me stood by one ...

And the only pub , with a thatched roof ,
where we had something to eat ....

Entrance to Stone Henge .

A road just passes near the monument stones ,
and to get to see it - apart from the roadside ,
where it is fenced off -
you had to go through a tunnel underneath to
access it .

Here against a stormy sky ...

While travelling down there , it was warm and
sunny .. But when we got out - grey clouds and a
cool breeze came !!

This was a place i have always wanted to visit

at least once in my lifetime . Unless you went around

again - it was a short trip to view it - We did it in

10 minutes !! A barrier is placed all the way around

so you could not get close as you would have liked .

I would have liked to go in and
amoung the stones , to touch and take more photographs

inside ... I am glad i went to see it myself - However
i enjoyed Avebury Stone circle more , as you could

get close and feel the stones . . .. And i know Amy

of MAGICAL MUSE will appreciate these photo`s !!

A couple of momento`s of my visit at their shop ...

A red lined cotton shopping bag .....

And a special minted coin .....

And a short - blustery clip !!


Sherry said...

Amazing. Simply amazing. Stonehenge has this "eerie" quality to it -- I imagine the Druids and ancient times. I'm glad you were able to go. But I also understand your disappointment at not being able to get closer and to touch.

I love the look of the pub -- was it as nice inside?

And of course you new banner -- I truly, truly love this one!!! I've loved them all but this one is incredibly you!

Meggie said...

Great trip, Carolyn, awesome photos! Thanks for taking me along to view the fabulous scenery.

The Rose Cottage said...

I remember visiting Stone Henge as a kid but I would appreciate it much more now that I am all grown up :) Love the old pub you found!