Art Flashback ....

I had been thinking of my artwork
recently , and how it has developed from
when i was a teenager . Art has always been with me,
i got my drawing from my dad . Seeing him draw ,
then keeping the piece of wooden board for myself ,
that he made , so i could use myself . I took art and design
as a subject at school , and got a grade A in my final exam .
However , i did not choose to pursue art as a career , i
chose the catering trade - as i loved cooking just a little
more . Which was one of my only regrets in life .

Having said that - things happen for a reason , other life
things take over , and it got pushed aside for my years .
Also realising now , that this blog may not have even
exisited ,and the people who i have met on here -
of which i am eternally grateful to , has made it a
pleasure to do ....
It could have turned out a cooking blog ! !
I have kept some of my artwork , from school - some
25 years ago now !!

So ... i thought i would show you a piece . My subject
was parts of the body - for my exam , done in pastels .
This has been in the attic for years , mounted in an
old frame , which was found in a garage . So my
dad and I varnished the wood .

It was a magazine cutting advertising leg hair remover ,
and because i found the feet difficult to do - i just made it
look like a piece of material was over her feet ! Or maybe ,
i couldn`t be bothered to do it - more likely !!

I tried to get the best picture , without taking it out ,
but there is reflection in parts ....

I am still quite surprised , that it is still in good condition ,
after so many years . And i may just have to get my
pastels out once again !


Rhondamum said...

Wow! I am impressed and I think you should get your pastels out again! Thank you so much for sharing yet another beautiful part of you with us Caz!

amy said...

Very good! I think you should start doing pastels again or other things to see what happens. It's probably like riding a bike and so you can maybe pick it back up and ride with it? :)

Sherry said... wonder you received an A for your final grade!!! Completely life like!

We make some interesting choices in our youth -- walking one path vs. the other...all for good reasons at the time. And then...we come back to the original path.

I think, if you are like me, at that time in my life, you chose the cooking/catering because it was "easier"...and it isn't until we are in our mature life that we realize, the better the challenge, the harder the work, the more rewarding it is.

Your future is calling you Carolyn....

Meggie said...

Oh Carolyn! It's absolutely lovely!! I knew you were gifted but this painting is extraordinary. You are truly a gal of many talents.