Adding To My Stash ....

Although i must admit that i do
get jealous of others finding "thrifty buys " .
The vintage millenery and trims etc .
I don`t seem to do so bad myself !

Here is just a small collection of my most
recent purchases ...

A vintage bamboo magazine holder -

i presume ..

Bought for the cute material it is made from ...

An old Avon glass cream jar - which
reminds me of the Wedgewood made blue ceramics.
And a Hornsea made pottery plaque of a wren -
still with an old label on the back .

2 ceramic cups - one Holly Hobbie -
and the other of Joan Walsh Angland !!

I know these are rare and hard to come by ,
so i was pleased to find this !

Pieces of costume jewellery ....

A carrier bag of crochet / trims ....

A Waldorf stationery box ....

It may look garish to some , but i do love
the flower design on it !

On opening it ..... It is a musical box too !!
Left hand side .. Unfortunately what was meant to
go around while it played has been lost - like
a ballerina .. But it still works !!!

2 vintage material sheets ....
I can feel another bag make coming on !
Especially in the geometric design !!
Love it !!

I do enjoy the thrill of the hunt to find
such items like these .....
Somethings , you can get for a song ,
while others require some thought before you buy .
While many toss away , and think nothing of it .
I love to give them a new home ......

See you on Saturday - for my last
post before i go away on holiday !!


Meggie said...

You've acquired quite a stash, dear Carolyn! I'd say you did alright for yourself. I hope you are enjoying your holiday. Looking forward to hearing all about it.

PEA said...

Isn't it just so much fun when you find such wonderful treasures like you did?!! I love thrifting and could spend all day in a thrift shop:-) I just love that vintage Avon glass cream jar...I have two big boxes full of vintage Avon bottles/jars that I'm thinking of selling on eBay one day but not sure if there's a demand for them. Will have to check it out:-) xoxo

Sherry said...

Once again you have found some fabulous treasures on your hunt...I think you really scored big with those mugs!!!

And seeing that Avon jar? oh that brought some memories!! ;)

Rhondamum said...

Jack Pot! I love it all! I just love it when I go out and find wonderful new (old) things like these. I am so glad that you had a great time on your hunt!