As promised - here are my latest buys
from a craft millshop i visited last week .
I was so excited to find this ...

A torso - made of plastic and covered with paper !

This has so many possiblities of altering this
item - i cannot decide what to do with it !
My mind is doing overtime , and although
i have had it a week - i have not touched this yet !

It stands 2 foot tall , and the black parts , are
mesh wire - as it is really intended for floral
displays . But i HAD to buy at least one , and i
can see birds and flowers being attached to it
somewhere along the altering process !

maybe some of these velvet flocked flowers i got -
in 2 of each colour . I fell in love with
the colours of these large magnolia flowers .

Some paper embellishments - gerba flowers -
another favourite of mine . And an organza
champagne flower coursage pin . To see
how it was constructed , and possibly making
my own .

A couple of unusuallly shaped canvas boards ,
not seen by me , until now ...
I`m not so sure what will be created on these ,
but i like to have some in when my muse strikes !

And this glass pendant was attatched to a candle .
It looks like Murano glass . The candle smells
divine - but i wanted just the pendant !!
I`ve put it on a piece of rose suede thong ,
and made myself a necklace !!

I also purchased some natural raffia -
For my nest - of course !!

But thought a photograph of that
would be boring for you all ! ;o)

I also got a frame -which i cannot show yet !
It`s for the Fun friday challenge i take part in!
That will be shown at a later date !

I hope you all enjoyed peaking at my buys !


Mind Wide Open said...

Oh what fun goodies. I luvs the dress form and know you'll have fun altereing that!! ;-)


Sherry/Cherie said... found some gorgeous things indeed!!! I love the dress form and I know exactly why you grabbied it up -- I would have too!! Can't wait to see what you end up deciding with that...

And of course I'm anxious to see the frame you are using for the challenge!

Rhondamum said...

Oh my gosh, oh my gosh, oh my gosh! I would have FREAKED if I had found this dress form! I LOVE love love it! I can't wait to see what you do with it. I love the paper that is on it. Wow!