Tiny crochet nest on a real branch piece
size 4 " long .
This is my first time at crocheting and i ended up
with a small nest shape , so i decided to use it
and came up with this .. You can just fit your finger inside the
nest to give you an idea of how small it is ;o)

I sewed 2 egg shaped beads inside ..
added 2 of my felted leaves

Cut a small piece of a branch then sewed it onto
the branch with the wool that i had left over from
the crocheting ..

And this is another i made after - and added
3 small beads this time and ready to attatch to
another project . I`m not sure what i will use the nest on
the branch for .. maybe artwork or turn it into a brooch !

Thanks for popping by , and i hope you`re
all doing well ;o)


Summer wrap bracelets ..
I made myself some of these easy to
make bracelets a while back .. and not had
2 of them off my wrist so far this summer !

Made like those skooby laces that were all the craze
a while back , just using a length of suede folded then weaving
in a scrap piece of vintage material , then adding a button
if you like to keep it closed . I made 4 , as they only took
about 20 minutes and are quite addictive !

I can`t believe it`s August already ...
Where has the time gone ! ?
I hope everyone is enjoying their summer ..
and thanks for popping by ..