Vintage Elephant Cushion

I made this cushion from a children`s vintage sewing book of the 1970`s
i purchased in a secondhand book store.Approx 12 " and 9" wide
using some vintage sheet material i had
The face / trunk / ears / tusks / eyes  are felt

 Along with the two small feet

 He`s stuffed & sewn together , i will just have to wash him as is ,
as it`s not a removeable cover .
I hope you like it :) 
I`d like to wish you all
A Happy Easter holidays 

I`m Still here :)

Indeed i am  ... 


The time has flown by so quickly and my poor neglected blog has suffered in the process , not to mention my creative time . I have no real explanation as to why , i suppose no real excuse`s for you out there .... Just life got in the way  , somethings changed , but not my urge to get back creating once more  :)  Not that it left me  ,  it was still inside .. waiting to resurface .

So i am back and in the final process of completing my new creative space , moving into a smaller room here at home - which has been newly decorated  , weeding unwanted items out  , ready for me to begin once more - and it feels good . I hope to post something again very soon .