" Pilgrim`s Nest "
Wear then store your art ...
A new idea i had to store part of a piece of
artwork , which i don`t think i`ve seen before ..
I could be wrong ;o)
For the " house " part .. I used a cardboard inner
left over from parcel tape !! I couldn`t throw it as it was
a thick piece of card and i thought it would
come in handy .. one day ..
I lined the inner with vintage wallpaper then cut a circle
of card for the back and stuck vintage ledger paper on .
The size is 3 " diameter and 2" deep .

Glued thick paper on the outside and painted the rim of
the short parcel tape tube a white .
I hand crocheted a nest in chunky wool, then made a wire one to fit inside
with 3 vintage beads as eggs .Then sewed a brooch pin on on the back ,
so it can be worn then housed when it`s not being worn ;o)
Nest brooch size is 1.75 " diameter

I put some seam binding on the top , to hang it ,
but it didn`t sit right on a wall ..
So i came up with it`s own stand !!
A small jewellery box bottom lid , then sewed 2 small twigs
so the decorated roll tape wouldn`t roll off !
Pretty good idea , if i say so myself !! ;o)
Stand size is 3 x 2.5 "

Inside close up ..
Vintage text , bleached twig piece , faux moss , vintage flowers

Many thanks for the well wishes for my FIL
at the moment things are going good ;o)
And any interest in the above piece to purchase it ,
please get in touch , but i will try soon to list it ..
I`m just short of time right now
Thanks for popping by ;o)


Sherry Smyth said...

I love the idea of this -- and the inside of the "nest" is's a piece of art all on it's own!! The fact that the brooch can be kept in here is novel, and I think you're right because I've never seen or heard of this being done before!!

Glad to hear that your FIL continues to be well -- given all the circumstances...he's quite remarkable!

Robin said...

Oh my, this is just toooo sweet Carolyn! Love your birds nest pin and your recycled tape container. I also adore your idea to use those sticks to hold it in place on the base......absolutely brilliant!! Glad to hear your FIL is doing good :)


Meggie said...

Ingenious! Your creativity continues to amaze me, Carolyn.