Here are a few select photo`s from our

couple of days away , which seem so long ago now !

View out to sea from the Northumberland coast

We visited a couple of places , this is Cragside .

The first house to have hydro electricity installed

and built in 1863 .

View of the house taken from the iron bridge

my arty shot of the bridge ;o)

You could take photo`s inside .. as long as no flash was used.

Just one of the many rooms ..

and the other part of the same room with a magnificent marble fireplace

and a places to sit inside .. one of the most beautiful things

i have ever seen !

Next day was Parceval Hall gardens .. the house was out of bounds

to the public .. but the gardens were so well maintained and beautiful ..

And with a view like this from the house .. who wouldn`t

want to live there !! ??

just one of the many plants in the gorgeous garden ..

And it seems everywhere we go .. we see a robin !!

And this is the leather sofa i fell in love with

at our hotel ;o)

Thanks for popping by .. to see my more random postings

on here lately ;o)

I am currently looking after my FIL more so now ..

He was sent home from the hospital earlier this week ..

His cancer has spread dramatically and well .. to tell

the truth , it`s basically to die at home .. that`s his wish .

We`re not sure how long he`s got .. so i know you`ll understand

my absence fron here ...


Sherry Smyth said...

Make the most of these last days Carolyn, hard as they will be. If you are getting hospice in that will make all of this easier for everyone in the family, not just your father in law and it will give you all time to just "be" with him. Know that you are in my thoughts and in my prayers. xo

PEA said...

Don't you worry about blogging, you are where you need to be, with your FIL. He needs you and the family right now. My prayers continue for him and for you as well, as I know how hard it is to watch a loved one dying.

Your pictures from your trip are absolutely stunning! Oh to be able to go visit these places myself, what a dream come true that would be:-) Cragside is just gorgeous and look at that fireplace, wow! I'm in love with all the furniture as well.

It's a shame you couldn't go inside the Parceval Hall but the gardens look magnificent. I say like you, I'd love to live there with such a view!!

Take care of yourself, dear Carolyn, I think of you so often. xoxo