How it all began...

I thought i`d say how i got more into altered art .
It was back in January , when i was reading a card making magazine , and they featured website reviews they had visited and for the readers to have alook at.
I saw one , which i`ve put as one i like to visit , and buy things from , it`s
It had a good review , and the Alternative pound shop took my eye ! Never one to miss a bargain ! I had a look and ordered from Sarah-Jane , the owner of Fruit Pixie , and i`ve not looked back since ! She has free UK postage and a loyalty scheme going , which you can use to buy more things from her ! Also the delivery turnaround from her is the best i`ve had !
If you do have alook at her site , her Logo is Shorthand Hal , made of an atc card.
I had the idea of sending him a "girlfriend" , so he wouldn`t get lonely .
Here she is ..... Hal`s gal ..

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