My first Art Doll Assemblage

Here`s my first go at doing an art doll assemblage.

It`s body is a vintage buckle and beads for the arms and legs . The head is an old watch face of a watch of mine , with a picture stuck in the back . It spells angel , with the old typewriter key , cork letter "g " , and 2 moon face charms for the feet, and a letter tile in the middle of the buckle.

The halo effect is done by flattening a bottle cap and colouring with alcohol inks in gold.

There`s not much to see of the beaded chain as well i put on so i can hang it up .

I got my inspiration from Jeanette Janson`s website , listed at the bottom of my home page.

This picture was emailed to her this morning , my time , as there`s a time difference of 5 hours approx.

here`s her own words that she wrote ...

I love this !! It`s adorable !

Don`t worry about people not "getting " what you`re doing. They will understand soon enough and admire your individuality.

I think you did a wonderful job on your first doll , it looks like you have a real vision for altered art.

I told her that my partner had seen nothing like it , and just got a " Hmm " from him ! That`s why she wrote the above back to me .

All i can say is ... a BIG THANKYOU to Jeanette for her comment , it`s given my self esteem a real boost !! And just to do what feels right for you , and if it " speaks " to someone else , then that`s an added bonus !

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