Shabby Vintage Style Quilt Cover .....

Here`s my first quilt buy today !
Browsing in a local charity shop , this caught my eye straight away ..... And even more so when i saw it was a Laura Ashley one ! I adore Laura Ashley designed things and promptly went to pay for it ...... Getting it home was a different story or what i mean is , ready for it`s showing on here ! All i got from my better half was an " Oh no ! " Meaning to me ... How can i get excited by a bit of material ? Where am i going to display it ? We haven`t even got a single bed to put it on ! Men just don`t understand ! When you see something you love ... you HAVE to buy it ... don`t you think ? My reply was ... Well it was cheap ..... under 4 pounds ! Doesn`t he realise that`s a real bargain ? They usually go for £45 and upwards !!

I plan to " get my revenge " on him , by getting a photo of him nodding off the sofa with the quilt over him !

Lastly an old set of thick cardboard picture dominoes
... . With some really cute images on ......

Look on the post below to have a chance at winning at one of my makes !!

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Sherry said...

I love the Laura Ashley quilt...I think anything Laura Ashley is gorgeous!