Hooped Bird In A Tree
necklace .
Hoop size 6.5 cm

The hoop is from a cotton covered bangle
i had kept to reuse , and i wanted to create something
inside it . I had a chance this weekend -
as our internet / phone was cut off - again !!
I tied pieces of brown wool and started loops
and knots to create the tree in a green chenille wool .

The finished tree .. Then i sewed a bird bead on -

i`d like to put another one on - but can i find

the beads ! ? Nope !!

It hangs , from my first time crocheting -
a single chain in multi coloured wool .
Which i tied so you can change the length .

3 wooden beads are hung on the bottom
and the other strands left as is ..
looking a little like the roots of the tree .

I can`t wait to wear this piece -
although my other half said it
was quite large to do so !!


amy said...

I love this one and the roots especially. Lovely! And you wear it even if your other half thinks it's a bit big. I have an enormous owl pendant I should get out and wear again. Once this woman I worked with said it was cool but she couldn't wear it but I could. I think she was trying to say it was a bit tacky but I could pull it off!

Sherry said...

Have you worn it yet? Take a photo so we can see!