" Summer Garden " Framed scene
size 5.5 " squared - recess size 2.75 "
The back has vintage music paper -
and 2 D ring hangers screwed in , with cord across
the top for hanging .

The small frame before the makeover -
It had a piece of burlap inside and a really
tacky looking plastic shell . So i removed them
as best i could and sanded it all . Applied various
acrylic paints to it .

Took a scrap of pale blue vintage dotted swiss fabric , backed it ,

then sewed some vintage millenery flowers with the

stalk still attatched and sewed them in place

with embroidery thread .

Added a wire / net butterfly

And the odd grass accents ..

I`ve decided - to offer this piece as a trade swap -
If anyone is interested ;o)
I am looking for some craft supplies -
Like these small birds which come in different
sizes - 6 on each piece of the card - or something simliar .

And some plastic eggs - in various sizes
and if possible - cream / white ones -
so i can colour them myself ;o)
Also i cannot seem to find - some white
paper photo corners approx 60 of them .
I`ve seen plastic ones but had no luck with the
paper ones - perhaps it`s a dying thing
with going digital on photographs !!

So if you`d like to do a swap -
get in touch please !! ;o)
Email on my side bar ..


Deborah said...

I am telling you, YOU are a true mental ninja! I love all the clever ideas you come up with. So delightful. **blows kisses** Deb

Flowers said...

Wow..these flower illustrations are amazing. I have never seen anything like it. Keep up the good work.