Altered game piece necklace.
17" long on a faux blue suede thong .

Using a mini domino piece and mahjong
game piece , alcohol inks in blue / yellow / brown and silver.
I love using alcohol inks , the way they go on any slick surface
and merge together creating many unique effects .

And finally a couple of shots of some
new plants i have in a tub -Persian Buttercups .
A pinky / red just budding open ..

And a yellow variety ...
I`m in love with these flowers ;o)
Have a happy weekend !!


Meggie said...

The necklace is stunning, Carolyn! Very nice!!

Mary Ann said...

I love your jewelry designs, especially the one down below with the button charm.

And the yellow rose is gorgeous!! Wow.

Rhondamum said...

I really have got to learn to do this. I thought it was stone. Wow! I still have your tutorial. Love the pics too. The first flowers details are so unique! xoxo