Flowers ...

With the weather being so nice .. I have been

outside in our gardens trying to put more

colour into them and along with a general

tidy up too ..

New front planter that i stained and created

and a couple of the neighbours came for a " nosey "

and said the loved it ! ;o)

small coated metal container .. made for under a fiver

now how much would a garden center charge for it !! ??

So with flowers still on my mind..

I finished this altered postcard ..

Gesso paint then stamped while still wet ..

various papers , butterfly stamp and watercolours.

The grid texture below is left over roll from

when we have some plaster work done ..

sticky on one side , white and can be painted or

whatever you think of to do to use a roll of it up !!

Thanks for popping by ;o)


Robin said...

Your flowers look wonderful in their beautiful containers! Your postcard also looks beautiful. Have a wonderful weekend.


Meggie said...

Love your pansies, Carolyn! They are usually the first flowers that I plant after a cold winter.