Spring Bunting Swap pieces.

I am taking part in a spring bunting swap that Amy

is hosting and i decided to take part in it .

It`s something i have never tried myself so it

was alittle challenge for myself to come up

with something ! I decided on fabric bunting , as we

could do any art media to create them ...

We send 5 pieces in , then Amy mixes them

and you get a complete bunting of other participants work .

sent back to you ..

I created 3 of these , varying the flower colour / button

and ribbon

Then 2 of the same of a pink version

Something completely different to what i

create .. and no birds , eggs or a nest in sight !! ;o)

Thankyou Amy and i cannot wait to get my

complete bunting back and see all the other

artists work !!


Becs said...

Carolyn, great job! I have finished mine just need to snap pics and get them in the mail, my first buntings as well...Becs

Amy P said...

They look great! This is so fun :)

PEA said...

Hello dear Carolyn:-)

You did a wonderful job on those buntings. I didn't realize that's what they are called, I always call them banners but now I know better! lol Please do show us a picture once you have received the complete bunting:-)

I hope you're enjoying your weekend! It's been sunny and 13c over here and I noticed this afternoon that my crocuses are blooming. Woohoo, looks like Spring has finally arrived in my little corner of the world:-) xoxo