Little Bluebirds ..

I did some more watercolour and
pen drawings the other evening - and
some were created on card blanks . On 5" square
hammered cream card .

No doubt you know i love birds ;o)
and i came up with these fluffy bluebirds .
I have put a coat of iridescent medium
on a select few - the birds and some of the flowers -
but i`m not sure if these show up in the scans .

An Easter postcard size bluebird -
where a message could be written in the
white cloud ..

And this is a piece i created for

Fun Friday challenge . We had to create

a card with the intent of giving it to our

other half . On 300gsm watercolour paper

and sentiment rub on . A message can be

written on the reverse - as it is not an open fold one .

I am offering 2 of these in my SHOP

Within the next 24hrs
The rest i have plans for ...

If anyone wishes to have an original
card for a gift - or to keep for yourself
and maybe frame it . Please pop by or
give me a holler ;o)


sherry lee said...

If I thought the first two were awesome you know what I'm going to say about the ones with colour -- the branch with the flowers, the Valentine's this...


(I believe I'm running out of superlatives and adjectives....) :)

Susie Q said...

These are simply wonderful!! You have such a talent!

PEA said...

Oh Carolyn, the birdies are so so so so soooooo sweet. Love them! I wish I had even a quarter of your talent! lol xoxo

Meggie said...

Oh Carolyn! You little bluebirds are simply adorable. Your talent continues to amaze me....

Lynn said...

You did more.... woo hoooooo, they are absolutely fantastic! I like Sherry's word better LOL.
I would love to have two of these to frame, will talk soon.