" My Heart Is Hope "

Box lid assemblage 5.5 " x 5"

Hanging on vintage aubergine seam binding
ledger paper and crochet lace .
Twig and peony flower on vintage velvet leaf .

With a hanging butterfly - that is attatched
to a button

That can be removed and carefully
placed in between the twigs - for a
different look .

A big thankyou to those who have
commented so far on my below assemblage .
They are fun to create !!


sherry lee said...

Just when I thought the bottom was "the best", you pull the top out of your hat and I have to eat my words!!! :) ♥

Summer Gypsy said...

This is absolutely exquisite!! I am just amazed at your talent!

Tess said...

I love your bluebirds and your assemblages. The repositional butterfly is fantastic.