Early yesterday morning was a beautiful
sunny start , and i was admiring my
re blooming orchid plant . It has more heads
on it now , than when i got it in January -
and at least another half a dozen to open !
I gazed outside and saw something glistening -
so i took my camera ...

A spider had spun it`s web on our wall and
gate in numerous places .

And even from the gate to the back
side of our car parked in the drive !!
How did it do that !! ?
Webs always amaze me , from such a tiny creature
they create something so delicate and beautiful .

We also have a resident spider -
hanging around outside my kitchen window.
If you`re squeemish - i apologise -
i have watched it from inside - make it`s web
eat and maintain it`s home and grow larger.
On this occasion - i managed to snap it -
on others it would climb up and hide .

It was quite hard to capture - as there
was a reflection on the window - so many
photos later ...

He`s coming to get you !! ;o)
This is an under shot .

And here i videoed him .

Have a wonderful weekend everyone !!


sherry ♥ lee said...

Jumping jiminies on the spiders!!! It's giving me shivers!! But the webs? They are amazing creations aren't they? We've got a lot around here too this year...must be something to do with the weather we've had??

Your orchid is beautiful...I can't get over the're doing something "right"...lots of love!

Rhondamum said...

Your orchid is gorgeous! I have never had one live and have given up.

We have spiders like that here, different in ways like our robins, hehehe. I can not stand spiders, but after seeing our writing spiders every year, the work they do every night, I have grown to love them. The girls and I often venture out at night to find "Charlotte". Amazing little creatures!

Meggie said...

I, too, am intrigued with spiders and spider webs. It amazes me how such a small creature can spin something so elaborate and beautiful.

PEA said...

I'm petrified of spiders...ICK! They can be the size of a pin head and they still terrify me! lol That one looks HUGE!! I can appreciate, though, how beautiful and intricate their webs are. You really got great shots of them.

Your orchid is so beautiful, look at all the gorgeous blooms it has! xoxo