I will resume normal blogging
in a few days - however i wanted to
spread the word about Ovarian cancer
awareness month during september.
Sherry had done a post
yesterday HERE - follow her link to read more.
I was unaware of this - read it through , where you can paint
your toe nails a teal colour , support and
spread the word of this what can be best described as
a silent disease . Please take a look , it can affect any one
of us women - especially the symptoms , when you
may think it`s just " nothing " to worry about .

I have no teal nail polish yet ... but yesterday
on our way home from our short break - i wore this ....


sherry ♥ lee said...

You were already supporting ovarian cancer awareness without even realizing it!! And you look fab in this colour!!

Thanks for spreading the word Carolyn...with awareness raised we can hope and pray that researchers come up with a faster, better way to detect this cancer which will save so many more lives! ♥

Lynn said...

Our DD was coming home today and I asked her to bring some teal nail polish and told her all about it, she has two shades, so watch out, you might see my tootsies on my blog soon *giggle*
We have a holiday weekend here and in the States it's the same, Labor Day, so talk to you next week :)

Rhondamum said...

Thank you for passing this along. I am off to read up on it now. Great to see you. Chuck and the girls pass on a hello and huge hugs! xoxo

Anonymous said...