"Precious "

Assemblage - created inside a glass domed
metal flat backed case - 2 .75 " diameter .
I purchased 2 of these - that had prints of
old classic paintings inside on thick card .
I managed to prise the back out -
which is a lovely mustard velvet - and
wanted to keep precious items displayed inside.

The back is fragile vintage wallpaper -
although you cannot see much of it .
Vintage millinery flower , glass button -in a pale pink
a piece of delicate vintage and tatted lace .
Along with an inked vintage dictionary word .
A ring at the top - with 2 shades of vintage
seam binding .

Funds going to Breast Cancer UK


Rhondamum said...

Your blog looks great Caz! And I love what you did with this little arrangement. Wish I could find a piece like that to alter!

GUESS WHAT CONCERT WE HAVE TICKETS TO? And, it's open floor. I'm going to get right in front of them and hopefully some autographs for you and I as well. John and Brandon will be so jealous, lol.

Have a great one and hope to chat soon my dear BBFF! xoxo R...

Lynn said...

Awesome, I would love to find some of these, I love the lace idea Carolyn and is that a pink glass button I sent you?

Meggie said...

Absolutely beautiful, Carolyn!

PEA said...

Oh, Carolyn, this is one of the most beautiful pieces you've ever made, I just love it! Will it be availabe in your shop? xoxo

sherry ♥ lee said...

It truly is precious...and that the funds are going to breast cancer research?!! is precious in every way as are you!

Martha's Favorites said...

How cute is that? What a great idea. I am going to come back again and again. Blessings, Martha