First of all i would like to wish my readers ..
A Very Happy New year !!
May you all have love , peace , health and happiness
in the year to come ..
Also as you will see below
It`s my birthday next friday !!
Also it`ll be my 500th post !! wow !!
So keeping the tradition of a blog party ,
here are the details ..
Do a post on your blog , so i and others can comment on it ,
along with what outfit you would wear - get those bikini`s out ladies !!
accesories etc.
Your dream date , and what you would virtually gift me with !
That`s it , pretty simple .. Or if you`re still busy with the
holiday season , i hope you will pop by on the day and see what i
have instore for you all !!
Fun and some laughs along the way .

Thanks for popping by and if i do not post before my
birthday , then i will see you here !!


Wishing everyone a
Very happy Christmas !!
I hope you all enjoy yourselves and spend time
with those who matter to you the most


Canvas book
using A4 sized folded pieces from a pad halved to create pages
This is another on going project ;o)
I bought a pad of canvas pieces and wanted to make a book
I painted the outside in green red and gold acrylic
paints before sticking this sewn piece for the front .
I would have liked to sew it on , but my machine isn`t working ...
Maybe santa will bring me another !

using white crinkle material , nearly like muslin , with a
green square crochet mat i found , then added other pieces
of material . vintage buttons and a bird in a nest with chicks image .
Also once complete , it has a seam binding closure

My second page , using vintage wallpaper and ledger paper,
and a house created from material scraps .. I need to do something
else with this .. but i haven`t thought of anything .. yet ;o)

Canvas on a roll or in a pad is a wonderful medium to
create on , painted , collaged , stitched , tags , postcards etc
why not have a go yourself ! ?


Scrapbook journal .. page size 5 x 3 "
I bought a book of study cards with a wirebounded edge
and decided to use it and make a small scrap journal ,
all those small pieces and scraps i cannot bear to throw ,
you know the feeling , if you`re a serious crafter / hoarder ;o)
It will be an ongoing project , and below are some of the pages
that i`ve done .. I will be going through them again to add
any text or drawings to each page at a later date ..

Many thanks to those who have given me support
on the news of my father in law`s cancer ..
At the moment , he is awaiting on an appointment to
go see about having chemo , which we think will
be sometime in the new year ...
Otherwise , he is doing well ;o)